Site Update 2013

Hello guys !

Thanks for visiting my site. This is 4th version of my site and it’s now a responsive layout ( site that can adapt to different resolutions , or mobile etc ). This is a modified version of the enfold theme by kriesi which you can purchase here. What I like most about this wordpress theme is the built in advance editor and different theme options that come along with the theme .  It lets you create different content elements, use animated sliders , plus other features that makes this theme a definite buy. Now to mention it makes your site look responsive in mobile or in tablets which is really important since they use a different resolution compared to pc’s. So in short it makes your site look good in any screen =)

So I hope you check out my site, my updated portfolio , view my fireworks tutorials or hire me if you need a designer. More fireworks content will be coming so please bookmark this site and visit it frequently.

Thanks ,


Fallout Icon – Fireworks Download

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog with new fw goodies so I hope you appreciate this one. This is a fallout elite ncr ranger helmet icon to be used as an icon replacement for any ivon want to replace in your mac / or windows. I also included a short tutorial so please read on.

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Site is back online !

I’m sorry guys if it took almost 4 weeks to put my site back online again. I had some issues with my hosting provider and it took them a long time to restore my domain name and the files in the site. The 4 weeks absence took a huge blow in my alexa ranking, google and other sites that link to my tutorials. I almost decided to start from scratch until a few days ago when I received an email that all my files were restored.

ex5 Fireworks CSS Theme

Introducing ex5 , my first free css theme made in fireworks and notepad ++ with awesome looking graphics. Basically the theme features the basics , header , navigation, feature image , main content, sidebar and lastly the footer. Check this link to see the website in action.

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