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It’s been a while since I last updated this blog with new fw goodies so I hope you appreciate this one. This is a fallout elite ncr ranger helmet icon to be used as an icon replacement for any ivon want to replace in your mac / or windows. I also included a short tutorial so please read on.

So what is fallout ?

To summarize fallout : It’s a game for the xbox360/ps3/pc with a post apocalyptic theme. The technology and setting is similar to the 1950’s except it has highly advance technology ( think of 1950’s future concepts ) . The world superpowers have nuked each other destorying most of the known world. The U.S. goverment creates “vaults” capable of withstanding the nukes and being able to support life for a limited number of people. Years later people opened the door outside the vaults and realize the world is different , some people/animals/plants have mutated , and some others are forming new groups and wanting to take over what’s left.

The NCR or new california republic is one of the biggest groups in the future U.S. and the elite ncr ranger is one of their finest soldiers.


Adobe Fireworks source file | Fallout Icon 512512 icns format – click here to download > [download id=”50″]

If you have a mac and you want to create your own icons for free , use img2icons

Creating the icon

In the image below , you will see the earlier concepts of the icon. You will notice in the 3rd concept to the last, it gets better because of the shadows that I have added and new details in the helmet.

In darkening areas on the helmet  i just drew a smooth curved shaped with a black background color and feathered the edges. You can control the feather amount or the object opacity in the layers panel if you wish to make it darker or lighter. Below you will see the power of a simple shape with a feathered edge. The 2nd images shows that I have changed the edge to feather,  it doesn’t necessarily need to be an abstract shape/ a circle/ etc as long as it’s a close path with a fill. The last image is the application , this image is achieved by using the same image over again in the areas on the circle , you don’t need to draw another shape and feather it. You can simply duplicate it / scale up or down / change object opacity and place it in the area you want. Another advance trick would be to edit the points of the shape to alter the look of the feathered image. Take not when using the feather trick , make sure that the feathered edge doesn’t overlap on the image unless it’s intentional. Change the canvas color to see the feathered images overlapping , this is important when you export it as a transparent image like an icon.

Paint Blue Pattern : Secret Weapon

The paint blue pattern is one of the best patterns available in Adobe Fireworks. It let’s you create a grunge effect without having to use textures from other sources. To effectively use the paint blue pattern you have to use all or some of these techniques.

1.Feather + Color Dodge / Color Burn Layer Mode – most important technique

2. Hue/Saturation Live Effect / Curves Live Effect – tweaks the color of the pattern , it’s best to try different values when you duplicate them for a varied effect.

Duplicating the feather image / scale up or down / adjust the pattern / Layer Object Opacity / Adjust points of the shape or tweak them to a different direction-  When duplicate the pattern you can scale it up or down , adjust the pattern using the fill handle and direction and adjust the layer object opacity when needed. If you look at the last image below , it looks best in the last one because i added more blue pattern duplicates, however i tried to follow step 2 to make the feathered images different from one another. So play around with the duplicates, you may even wish to add textures if you want.

blue pattern

Hope you like my icon and learned something from my tutorial . Till next time =)

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