75 powerful Adobe Fireworks Extensions

Here’s an interesting read for all you fireworks enthusiasts out there , one of the best list of adobe fireworks extensions.

We all know how powerful and how great Adobe Photoshop is, we know that all the best graphic designers use it, we also know that Photoshop when mastered lets you create amazing art.

Sadly, we also know it is very, very expensive. Its also very difficult for the novice to master and it takes a hell of a lot of your PC/MACs precious memory and storage. What is the answer? read more from the source

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  1. Keith Davis says:

    Great collection of Fireworks info.

    I use Fireworks and think it's fantastic but most of the graphics info on the web and in magazines is PSD… Now that Adobe own Fireworks and Photoshop, will Fireworks survive?

    I for one hope so.

    Thanks for providing the link BLUE2X.

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