Text Kerning in Adobe Fireworks

text kerning in adobe fireworks

Kerning refers to adjusting the space between two letters. In Adobe Fireworks , the default horizontal kerning or “tracking” is 0. If we use only 1 word , it can easily be kerned by using the justified alignment button or by using tracking. But what if we want more kerning for two words, a phrase or even a paragraph ?

adobe fireworks kerning panel

So here’s a simple tip for kerning a word , or a few letters only. Use the justified alignment button ( blue circle ) if you want more kerning , or you can use the tracking slider ( orange circle ).

For kerning words , or paragraph. Using the justified alignment button doesn’t work or makes the text looks weird , the only solution is to manually change the value of tracking ( the orange circle ). By default the tracking value is -99 to 100 , -99 means that the letters are too close and we dont want that. The solution is to change the value to more than 100 , like 300 , 500 to 1,000 or even more. This takes a little trial and error to get the desired kerning but it is well worth it =)

Here’s an example of the text kerning method in a text on a circle path, the tracking value is around 1,200. Any questions ? Feel free to comment below.

text kerning example

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  1. Specs says:

    This is some great stuff! I'll be sure to start kerning words with this tool. The more creativity the better for some of my projects. Thanks for sharing this post…it will definitely come into good use!

  2. wine basket says:

    It is also extremely frustrating to have lost rotational text capabilities in the Adobe version of Fireworks. The problem now being that any text that is flattened or converted to symbol (for the purposes of rotation) becomes grossly pixelated.

  3. John Jacobson says:

    That’s not kerning. That’s tracking. Kerning is when you do in between individual letters to be aesthetically pleasing because of the way each letter is typeset. Tracking is the whole word.

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